What’s Muddy for?

Muddy is an innovative[1] system that helps to maintain hygienic conditions in sport teams, such as rugby and soccer. Inside your sports bag, the shoe compartment is easily kept clean, a real help against virus and bacteria.

Muddy easily fits inside the lower compartment of your soccer or rugby bag and can store a pair of shoes. Muddy is really easy to wash! Just rinse it under tap water and make it shine as new, ready for the next match.

The cover of your Muddy comes with an antibacterial mat, made of a woven silver string textile. You can remove the cover, lay it on the ground and step on it, avoiding any contact between your feet and the changing room floor. You will also find a practical slot located on the side of the cover, that allows to be grabbed without having to touch the area that has been in contact with the floor.

Moms of players, tired of filthy bags, will love the practicality and hygiene of Muddy. No more dirty and inconvenient plastic bags! All you have to do is to open the cover, wash it under the tap, clean the shoes and finally rinse Muddy. Now everything is easily cleaned!

Last but not least, you can conveniently fit two Muddy containers inside the senior sports bags, in order to easily store two pairs of shoes.
In addition, in the compartments of senior bags you can also insert two Muddies, so you can easily handle two pairs of shoes.

Try out Muddy now, the hygiene solution for the dirty shoes:

1: application patent of invention and utility model lodged.